Partners and Sponsors

Arcadia’s approach is grounded in our philosophy, working with like-minded organisations to promote a more sustainable way of living for all. Arcadia believes that any organisation that has environmental and corporate responsibility values will generate lasting values within communities everywhere.

The core of this comes from encouraging organisations to follow key principles for environmental concerns and to create awareness of key issues.

While there are regulations and challenges in sustainability management, the upside is significant for those companies that are genuinely environmental focussed.  It is those companies that encourage this that will win trust in communities around the world.

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Benefits of becoming a sponsor of Arcadia International Environmental Film Festival

·         Promotion across major social media channels to help build a stronger business model for your organisation
·         Build long and fulfilling relationships within communities globally and locally.
·         The support of communities to have your organisation known in the market for continual support of a long term cause.
·         Raising your company profile to be known in the Corporate Social Responsibility space as a company that cares about environmental matters.

The Arcadia Film Festival, together with the collaboration of your organisation will build strong holds and integrity within communities.
If you would like to partner with us, please contact us.


Thank you to our 2013 Launching Sponsors… please check them out: