About The Festival

By screening environmental movies, the annual Arcadia Environmental Film Festival provides a space where communities, organisations, movie makers and other actors concerned with the environment can assemble. In doing so, Arcadia aims to create an international community of “eco-active” citizens across the world. From metropoles to small villages, from cinemas to sports cafés, the Arcadia Film Festival tries to make environmental culture accessible to all audiences.

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The Arcadia Film Festival was launched in Sydney, Paris, Tokyo and Singapore in 2013. Ever since, the festival has grown gathering a worldwide community with a common goal: to move toward a fairer and healthier future, taking up the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. With a focus on environmental protection, food security, social inequalities, climate change, pollution and activism, Arcadia’s aim is to enlighten and empower individuals and communities to take action.



Arcadia’s name

The name of the festival originates from Greek mythology. Arcadia was a utopian region of wilderness in which Pan, the god of nature, resided. He lived there along with dryads, nymphs and other spirits in harmony with nature. In the Renaissance, this idea frequently served as inspiration for European paintings in which Arcadia was illustrated as an unspoiled and harmonious paradise. Now, the Arcadia Film Festival hopes to revitalise this concept of living in harmony with nature. At the heart of Arcadia are values of care, consideration, respect, courage and perseverance. Social responsibility is the cornerstone of the way we work: the choices that we make today will impact the future.

Working together

We believe that collaboration is key. Carrying out this annual event requires hard work and close collaboration with a variety of partners, from responsible businesses to environmental organisations. We need resources to further develop this festival: with your financial support, we can go ahead and make it happen! At Arcadia Film Festival, environmental organisations worldwide have the opportunity to showcase their efforts in creating a better future. The festival also gives socially responsible businesses a chance to share their vision and inspire others.

Arcadia already has the support of leading environmentalists such as Indira Naidoo, Tim Silverwood and David Kennett.

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The Team

Arcadia eco film Aymeric Maudous

My name is Aymeric Maudous, born and raised in the bountiful vineyards of Bordeaux, France. I now live in Sydney, Australia which I have called home now for the past 8 years. Two of my particular passions come together in this film festival: films and the environment.

Passionate about living a more sustainable lifestyle, I have always believed in a balanced world where technology, social progress, individual flourishing and environmental protection intermingle perfectly to sustain our own personal growth.




FlorentI am Florent, born in the amazing landscapes of the Northern Alps, in Annecy. As an engineer, I always thought that I had to try to answer to the questions of my generation and of the future ones. Actually I think we all have to! As an answer, I decided to meet many environmentalists around the world and to highlight their work, thanks to the association “Un an pour la Planète” that I created. In this trip with Nicolas Goursot, we met Aymeric Maudous in Sydney and founded the Arcadia Festival. I am also Program Director in France for the NGO “Noé Conservation”, which focuses on biodiversity issues. I definitely hope that you will enjoy Arcadia Festival!




My name is Nicolas, I love to travel and meet people around. Shaped by a French-German culture I traveled all over Europe a few years to work as an engineer. My second passion is about sustainability which made me discover a bit of the entire world with “Un an pour la Planète”.

Reporting, sharing and making people switch their mindset so that it suits their expectations and the environment is now part of my self-imposed task.




My name is Carine. I am from the South of France. I traveled around the world, whilst volunteering in different organizations, on conservation and environmental projects from September 2011 to September 2012.

I got involved with the Arcadia Film Festival since my return in France. I strongly believe in this project as it relies on critical values for our society, such as respect (towards both humans & nature), open-mindness, engagement, sharing and optimism.




My name is Marine Munich. I live in Strasbourg and just got back from a Working Holiday Visa in Australia. I got involved with Arcadia Festival while I was there, and it is a real pleasure for me to present it to you now in Paris.

I love trekking, camping, hitch- hiking, living outside and meeting people all the time. I am planning to study sustainable tourism for one more year and travel again to South America. I am 24.




MaudMy name is Maud and I currently study cinema in Paris. My goal is to become a screenwriter. I like traveling and discovering new countries and cultures. I horse ride and through this sport I have found another way to get closer to nature. I joined Arcadia because I wanted to do something to preserve the nature and the beauty of our earth.

The festival is for me an opportunity to warn people about the future of our planet, and make them to feel more responsible. Taking part of this project allows me to combine business with pleasure : looking for smart docos and helping the planet at the same time!