A different Festival / Plus qu’un Festival

Eco movies

1Our Movies and Documentaries aim to educate and inspire others to conserve resources and reduce waste while continually improving the sustainability of the environment.

They provide light on global environmental issues that are common in communities today.

Arcadia will feature films amongst varied genres and will include discussions with keynote speakers from the environmental industry, national decision makers and special guests.

Select an Eco Action

2Each movies comes with a set of Arcadia Eco actions that will be distributed when you come to the film.

There is no cost to attend the event. Actions range from cycling to work instead of catching public transportation or  the installation of solar panels within your house.

Arcadia promises to deliver something for every audience.

Make a pledge

3Once you have chosen your Arcadia Eco Actions, you will need to help us fill in a few simple details to help calculate the overall cumulative figure on environmental impacts.

Each pledge is then posited on the Arcadia website. You might fear that one pledge won’t make a difference but together we can create real change and a big step forward.

Do it!

4Following the festival we will follow up on your progress for the next three months to see if we can update all on the milestones that we are reaching.

With the aid of industry experts and gentle reminders  along the way, we will be able to track progress of results.

Big Dream Little Bears

Sun Bears are the smallest, least studied and most endangered bears on the planet. Siem te Wong has been on a ten year mission to save these bears on the remote and mysterious island of Borneo. With a sweet and very intimate narrative, this film follows his attempts to reintroduce a group of bears into [...]

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Impervious surfaces such as concrete and asphalt can be useful for providing access for pedestrians, bicyclists, wheelchair users, and cars. However, the paving over of millions of acres of land and vegetation have contributed to numerous economic and environmental problems. In many cities, over half of the urban land is paved for roadways and parking [...]

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